Discuss how Joe Paterno acted, and how he failed to act

Learning Goal: I’m working on a article writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.After reading about the Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal, please answer the following questions: PICK 5 out of 6 to answer.1) Discuss Why the Penn State Child Sex Abuse Scandal is of particular interest in the context of Ethics Crime and Justice.2) Discuss of how the Janitor Failed to act.3) Discuss how Mike McQueary acted, as well as how he failed to act.4) Discuss how Joe Paterno acted, and how he failed to act.5) Identify why it took so long to hold Sandusky accountable for his horiffic crimes.6) Offical Crime reports and Victimization reports show sexual assault is the single most underreported crime (if the crime goes unreported, the offender cannot and will not be held responsible for his or her actions, and subsequent victimization may continue to the same or other victims). What level of obligation do victims of sexual assault have to report this crime (if any)? Construct an argument of why victims of sexual assault should be required to report this crime? Next, construct an argument on why victims of sexual assault should not be required to report their victimization?
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