Destroying the spawners by shoving them into an object

Learning Goal: I’m working on a c# project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Hello, I need help with Destroying the spawners by shoving them into an object and when it collides it destroys it . You see instead of an object that you interact with imagine there a giant whole and you put it into a whole and that destroys it when it collides with itand I need some help with refixing the 3rd person camera that way the camera can follow the player since currently the camera is still not steady. The 3rd person camera uses a Cinemachine implementation to make it more dynamicAlso we can no longer delete out the assets folder and replace it with ours the professor prohibits that. This mean you will have to provide me an explanation as wellAlso you need to use my test scene folder as well.My group is using 2019.4.34f1 version for unity it is required for my course as well make certain to use it as well otherwise data could get lost.I will send over my group updated gameusing media fire or we transfer or google driveI am not in charge of any of the controls at all which means do not change anybody scripts at all.Here is the link to download my class version of unity Unity – Download Archive ( make certain that your computer is capable of downloading it just to be clear download the 2019.4.34f1 version of unity.I need this to be complete by Sunday afternoon that way we can work on finishing the build as well. I will still need help with creating the build as well so I might need to extend the timer or just ask another question for help with the build as well.Make sure to keep me updated with your progress as well and send me the updated file with it working once you are done.If you do not know what to do do not bid on this question at all I do not have time for excuses embrace solutions.Please keep in mind I am on budget due to my friends falling on hard times and we still have a pandemic going on.
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