Describe a product in your home that you would prefer to rent rather than own

Learning Goal: I’m working on a marketing strategies discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Please watch the Video - (Links to an external site.)In the video we are exploring different ways of creating and capturing value through the circular economy and the sharing economy:1. Describe a product in your home that you would prefer to rent rather than own and explain why and estimate what this would cost over the course of the time this product is in your life (customer lifetime value: CLV)2. Describe a skill that you have or a product in your home (including your home!) that you could contribute to the sharing economy to increase your income3. What do you predict is the likelihood that consumers will adopt these changes, by when, and will this have a positive impact on the business and the environment?
Requirements: Please use headings in your document to organize your responses, use sources and follow APA 7th edition guidelines, including in-text citations and references page, Times 12-point font, double spacing and cover page.   |   .doc file

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