Creating an Epidemiological Curve.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a nursing case study and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.DOCUMENT ATTACHED WITH QUESTIONS, 3 EXTRA QUESTIONS PASTED ON THESE INSTRUCTIONSPart 2: Completing the assigned Disease Outbreak Case Study using your textbook and available resources. Each student is assigned a different outbreak scenario. You will be answering the questions in this case study as if you were a public health nurse investigating a disease outbreak, so the language needs to reflect that of epidemiology. You have numerous resources aside from your textbook including Interactive modules, TRAIN courses, supplemental resources provided below and those resources available within the Week 5 Blackboard Module (I would start on these early because it is not possible to complete this assignment without having a solid understanding of Week 5 content in epidemiology). Part 3: After completing the Outbreak Investigation Activityyou will answer 3 questions in the same word document that you submit for the Outbreak Investigation (see these questions listed below). Instructions: Each student will be assigned a different individual outbreak investigation case study to complete which you will find available in Week 4 Module in BB. Answering the Questions: Each question throughout each of the assigned Outbreak Investigation case studies must be addressed and answered in sufficient detail to demonstrate knowledge, comprehension, and ability to apply the process of outbreak investigation with stems from epidemiology. This will require each response to the questions to have supporting evidence to validate your answer choices to receive full creditThis means you cannot simply reply yes or no to the questions but must answer all the questions and then support the answer choices with supporting evidence or demonstrate why this is the correct answer choice. If you look at the grading rubric you will see that answering the questions with detailed support needs to demonstrate comprehension of the content for disease investigation to receive full credit for answers. Essentially it is important to provide a detailed rationale using references and resources to support each answer choice. Please recognize that these questions cannot be answered in a sentence or two. Each answer choice will require thought and usually a paragraph or more to fully answer the questions; there are NO responses that are answered using yes/no responses.Format: Students will use a separate word document to answer the questions in the case study; unless there is a specific question that can only be answered with reference to the chart or data presented. Either way, each student will submit 2 documents to Blackboard (the original case study document along with the word document). The word document needs to be in APA 7th edition (of note I did not place many points on APA formatting in the grading rubric BUT I do need the paper well organized so that it is easy for me to follow the answers in the word document when compared to the case study. However, I do expect a title page, page numbers, an original name for the assignment, in-text references and a refence page). The word document should have to have headings that match those in the case study. Remember each answer response needs detailed supporting evidence which means each should be referenced in some way (CDC website or textbook or other supplemental sources). I NEED TO BE ABLE TO FOLLOW THE QUESTIONS IN THE ORIGINAL DOCUMENT WITH YOUR ANSWERS IN THE WORD DOCUMENT!!!!!!Questions: After completing the outbreak investigation casestudy, please answer the following questions which are included as part of the grade for this assignment. I don’t want to put a specific length on these responses but each one should be at least a paragraph or two (perhaps more if needed). Answer the following questions:a. Identify and explain two aspects of the case that you can apply to nursing practice as a community health nurse AND provide a detailed rationale for selecting these two aspects for application. b. Explain at least three things/aspects that you learned from completing the case study. Make sure to provide a detailed and clear explanation for each of these choices. c. Describes one or more aspects of the case study that was challenging, confusing or difficult to understand making sure to provide a clear and detailed explanation for this choice. Additional Resources: To help you work through the case studies I think you will find the resources available on the CDC website particularly useful. 1. Quick Learn lessons are intended for learners without an epidemiology background or those looking to refresh their skills. Lessons below help learners develop fundamental knowledge and skills in epidemiology. These include:a. Creating an Epidemiological Curveb. Mode of Spreadc. Period of Exposured. Recognizing the Biosafety Levels2. the way, THIS WEBSITE IS AMAZING, it provides short, brief lessons explaining all the main epidemiological principles and will really help you work through the case studies as well as providing you with the rationales and resources needed to answer the questions. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND BECOMING FAMILIAR AND USING THIS SITE TO COMPLETE THE EPIDEMIOLOGICAL CASE STUDIES THIS WILL YOU’RE YOUR LIFE A LOT EASIER(promise). Principles of Epidemiology in Public Health Practice, Third Edition: An Introduction to Applied Epidemiology and Biostatistics. This is an online version of a printed textbook by the CDC which of course you do not need to read in its entirety BUT what you will find are short easy to understand Lessons and sections within the lessons that breaks down the epidemiology process into an easy to read and understandable sections. You will find that by looking through the specific sections for each lesson you can locate the topic that is relates to the question you are encountering in the epidemiological case study.Example 1: The case study asks if (based on the information you have been provided) the case can be considered an epidemic. Under Lesson 1 Section 11 there is a topic (brief, easy to read explanations) on Epidemic Disease Occurrence that reviews the Levels of Disease including the definitions for endemic, pandemic, and epidemics with a list of specific criteria explaining what constitutes epidemic (which can be referenced). Example 2: The case study question asks for you to develop a preliminary case definition for your case study. Perhaps you are asking yourself what exactly a case definition in epidemiology isbecause remember the language being used here is epidemiological so though you might understand case definition different in nursing it is important to recognize these questions are asking you about the epidemiological process. You can then look at the CDC site and in Lesson 1 Section 5 the chapter provides an area on Defining a case which will help you put together the principles to correctly apply this to your assigned epidemiological case study.
Requirements: Carefully read instructions   |   .doc file

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