Contrast Mary Rowlandson’s attitude towards Christianity among non-European peoples

Essay One Assignment
Essay One is our first essay assignment for the semester, and it will cover the narratives we have read in Unit One.
The end result will be a four or five-paragraph essay that should be between one and two pages. It should include a proper introduction, a proper conclusion, and at least two well-developed body paragraphs. The essay should offer a thesis statement at the end of the introduction and then support the thesis in its body sections. You can see a good example of what I’m looking for here.
You may write on any topic, but here are some suggestions:
2. Contrast Mary Rowlandson’s attitude towards Christianity among non-European peoples with Olaudah Equiano’s attitude towards Christianity among non-European peoples.
Hopefully, these questions will help you generate a short but solid essay.
Other requirements:
Use 12 pt. Times New Roman font
Double-space throughout
Use quotations from the text(s). This is a requirement.
For quoting and citing, use MLA format, 8th edition.
The Perimeter College Learning and Tutorial Center has a wealth of handouts here.
Here’s one on quoting.
Last comment:
You should NOT include outside research in this essay.

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