complete the task and do a 5 min video.

Hello! hope you’re doing well.
So, this assignment is a bit hard to understand, it’s a part of Leadership for Change and Innovation module. What the lecturer wants is to complete the task and do a 5 min video. It’s not an essay, it’s kind of an academic scriipt to me but not sure what’s called.
What I need you to do is to follow what’s written in “Task 5” slide in (Lecture 5 PDF attached file), This file contains the lecture itself and the Task 5 (assignment) with the references. Even though the task is talking about my experience with my group, academic referencing is need to support what’s being said (you can say that we have to present academic theories in a slightly informal way) . So you could imagine that it’s your group work if that helps, cause it doesn’t matter if it’s real or not. I’ll also attach a file contains additional academic studies which might help.
P.S. I only need the piece of writing so I could record myself and create the video. Also, you could use your own references, preferably academic ones.

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