comparative analysis of Syria’s Assad regime and Cuba’s Castro regime.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a political science report and need a sample draft to help me learn.Please review what’s needed before bidding. The end date on this question is for the last portion of this assignment needed. The paper you will be working on is a comparative analysis of Syria’s Assad regime and Cuba’s Castro regime. Focusing on incidents of state sponsored terrorism. So far, I have competed a thesis and incidents to review. If you need to adjust or change something, please let me know. **Annotated Bibliography – must be completed by Tuesday, February 8, 2022** Provide a list and brief description of 8-10 sources that you have identified for your paper. At least half must be primary sources and two must be from academic journals or professional publications. These should be specific sources, not just places where you can find sources. Annotated bibliographies must be in APA style. Format and Expectations: Your annotated bibliographic references should be about two to three sentences in length and explain how the source supports or otherwise informs your topic and thesis statement. Make your annotated bibliography more than simply a general summary of the sources you selected. Make it relevant to the research you conducted for your paper. For instance, a source may provide background on or context for your topic or a key aspect of your topic. A source may support, refute or inform your central thesis or a key aspect of your thesis. Last, it is possible that you may find some sources to be less useful than anticipated. If so, you may indicate that in your annotated reference for that sources. It is part of the research and analysis process. Again, use this assignment to grapple with the research you identified. If you are unfamiliar with annotated bibliographies, these guides may be useful: **Full Sentence Outline – must be completed by Tuesday, February 15, 2022** Please prepare a full sentence outline of your paper. Your thesis statement should be at the top of your outline. A full sentence outline is similar to a topic outline but requires a full sentence at each level of the outline. Quotes listed in your outline must utilize in-text citations. A reference list in APA style should be included on a separate page. If you are unfamiliar with full sentence outlines please check out: **Final Paper – completed by completed by February 27, 2022. this is the deadline date on study pool** The final paper must contain 7-10 full pages of content (title page and references not included), double-spaced, including an abstract at the beginning, with standard 1 inch margins and 12-point standard font and a references page. You must use APA style. All papers must use the appropriate number of primary (4-5) and secondary sources. You may use the sources assigned for this course (attached – please use), but you may not count them toward the minimum sources for your project unless approved by your professor. At least two of your secondary sources must be academic journal articles.
Requirements: 8 pages   |   .doc file

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