WTF is the analysis?

Assignment #2
Letter To My Younger Self
The aim of this assignment is for the writer to compose the familiar, “Dear Self, ʻIf you do this, this, and this, you will improve your life, education, parenting, …ʻ” writing assignment.
As writers in an English 100 course, we will organize the LtMYS in an academic five-paragraph/5-section structure (opinion) essay.
Assignment Guidelines:
To complete this assignment, the writer will
Produce a mind map of ideas the writers would like to improve or remove and why doing so is important to the writersʻ quality of life. (click for coaching video on Mind Mapping).
Organize the ideas using the outline below
Note: For the best results, please consider assignment #2 process strategy below when constructing the document.
Proposed Strategy:
All students, from all my English 100 courses, including English 100, Asynchronous, should be sharing support paragraphs with me, then using the comments/suggestions to improve that paragraph and to construct the next support paragraph.
propose a working thesis with three supporting ideas/concepts
To be a better student, teacher, doctor, gamer, …, I have to supporting idea #1, supporting Idea #2, and supporting idea #3.
begin with constructing first 5-Section supporting paragraph (see below for 5-Section Supporting Paragraph Structure Section Explanations)
Proofread and revise first supporting paragraph
share proofread/revised first supporting paragraph with
use comments/suggestions to improve shared first supporting paragraph
use improved writing practices to construct second supporting paragraph
Proofread and revise second supporting paragraph
share proofread/revised second supporting paragraph with
use comments/suggestions to improve shared second supporting paragraph
use improved writing practices to construct third supporting paragraph
Proofread and revise third supporting paragraph
share proofread/revised third supporting paragraph with
go back and proofread/revise/edit all three supporting paragraphs to improve readability
Use Proofreading Checklist (attached) to:
Ensure proper use of the paragraph structure
Ensure grammatical practices are met
Ensure transitional words and phrases are integrated
Ensure analysis ties paragraphʻs claim to writerʻs thesis
Ensure concrete example illustrates the paragraphʻs premise in application
Ensure narratives appeal to pathos are related
Ensure AGDs appeal to pathos are related
Five Paragraph/5-Section Opinion Essay Guidelines
Step 1 (01/31-02/06) Assignment #2 Letter to My Younger Self
Introduce five paragraph, 5-section paragraph opinion structure, Letter to My Younger Self. (LtMYS.) coaching video.
Assignment #2. Students use five paragraph, 5-section paragraph opinion structure to compose Letter to My Younger Self. (LtMYS.). See 5-section paragraph structure (opinion) coaching video
Topic Sentence (TS)
Explanation Topic Sentence (ExTS)
Analysis (An)
Concrete Example (CE)
Transition Statement (Tr)
Fill in the blanks.
What are concrete examples?
WTF is the analysis?
Students work on five paragraph, 5-section paper in class
Students construct support paragraphs
Students share Google document with instructor
Instructor moves from student-to-student using GoogleShare/Zoom

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