why it is important for OT specialists to think about their audience before they start writing.

Once the texts you would like to analyze have been approved, you will need to draft a 1000-word comparative analysis essay based on those texts. Keep in mind that the purpose of the essay you will write is to document how each of the authors use different rhetorical strategies to connect to and attempt to persuade different audiences. In this assignment you can assume that I have already read the texts you will be analyzing. Therefore, your essay should not contain a lot of summary and the bulk of your writing should be focused on analysis and providing me with examples from the texts to back up your claims.
As you analyze the articles, and as you write, stay focused on identifying how the authors attempt to connect to their audience (use of narrative, use of sources, use of examples, use of comparisons, offering definitions) and then persuade that audience to accept their argument, findings, or treatment ideas (often done by sharing the results of study or treatment, using emotional appeals, demonstrating credibility).
How you organize your essay is up to you to determine. However, the following information must be included in your essay:
Introduce and reference both of the articles you will be analyzing and comparing in the introduction
Explain the context of each article (i.e. where it was found and any conditions leading up to its publication)
Identify the audience for each article
( Comments from professor for my introduction page:
Part of the problem is that we don’t need an explanation of what OT do at the start of this essay. Instead, start with a simple statement that explains that Occupational Therapists need to write for many different audiences and that this essay will examine those differences by analyzing two text that target different audiences. Then name the texts you are going to be analyzing in APA style and over a short overview of what they are. The first time we mention a text by name, always put the author(s) last name and date before the title of the work we are citing. For example: Bacha’s (2020) article “I am Simply an Example,” … short overview…
After you name the texts you will be analyzing, you need a thesis statement that matches the purpose of the essay you have been asked to write. So, include something like: This essay will analyze and examine how the authors of the the articles mentioned earlier have adjusted their writing to match the needs of different audience. In doing so, this essay will demonstrate why it is important for OT specialists to think about their audience before they start writing. (Don’t copy and paste this. It is only a guide.)
APA Requirement
We do use APA style documentation in this class. Meaning, all in-text citations and your reference page at the end of the essay should follow APA formatting rules. You do not, however, need to include a title page at the beginning of your essay.
Attaching the two articles I chose in the end:
also attaching the introduction page I wrote and added professors comets in the above

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