What does the search engine’s home page suggest its typical users want

Chapter 27: Finding Sources
Learning by Doing Comparing Web Searches assignment from chapter 27 on page 458.
If you are using the eBook, click chapter 27 and click the section in the blue title ‘Searching the Internet.’
Scroll down until you see Learning by Doing Comparing Web Searches.
NOTE: This activity instructs us to work with classmates. However, complete this assignment on your own. You will still use two separate search engines to complete the assignment.
Use one of the search engines below to complete this assignment:
CC Search
Search Encrypt
Smart Online Searching
For more on campus library resources, see Searching the Library in this chapter.
When you look for Internet sources, you’ll want to keep your search as focused as possible to save time and retrieve the most appropriate sources.
Find Recommended Internet Resources. Go first to online resources recommended by your instructor. Their recommendations save search time, help you avoid outdated sites, and take you directly to respected resources prepared by experts (scholars or librarians) for academic researchers (like you). Your college library, on campus or online, will offer many more resources and can direct you specifically to research websites maintained by academic institutions, to government sites that allow specialized searches of their collections, and to digitized texts now out of copyright.
Make the Most of Search Engines. Each online search engine has its own system of locating material, categorizing it, and establishing the sequence for reporting results. One search site, patterned on a library index, might be selective. Another might separate advertising from search results, while a third lists “sponsors” who pay advertising fees first, even though sites listed later might be better matches.
Learning by Doing Comparing Web Searches
Working with some classmates, agree on the topic and terms for a test search. (Or agree to test terms each of you selects.) Have everyone conduct the same search using different search engines, and then compare results. If possible, sit together, using your laptops or campus computers so that you can easily see, compare, and evaluate the search engine results. Ask yourselves these questions:
What does the search engine’s home page suggest its typical users want — academic information, business news, sports, shopping, music?
What does the search engine gather or index — information from and about a web page (Bing), academic sources (Google Scholar), or a collection of other search engines (Dogpile)?
What can you learn from a search engine’s About, Search Tips, or Help?
How well does the search engine target your query — the words that define your specific search?
Does the search engine take questions (Ask), categorize by source type (text, images, news), or group by topic (About)?

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