Select a story from our textbook or a picture/image (school appropriate) of your choice to evaluate (analyze)

Essay Requirements
Select a story from our textbook or a picture/image (school appropriate) of your choice to evaluate (analyze)
Compose a minimum five paragraph paper with a clear introduction (including thesis statement), body, and conclusion
Paper must be 700 words minimum and meet the posted essay rubric expectations
Follow the MLA formatting guidelines
Use MLA citation format
Research is required, at least one reference from the textbook or outside source
If research is included, it must follow MLA format
Include a Works Cited page (not included in word count)
Refer to the sample essay in MLA format
Bring a hard copy to class on the due date (unless otherwise told not to)
SUBMIT the final draft under the Assignments link on Canvas- if you DO NOT submit your work on Canvas by the due date, you will receive a zero
10% Introduction
The student has an appropriate introduction that provides an adequate overview of the topic. The introduction contains a clear thesis statement that provides an evaluative assessment of the chosen text/image/source and a sense of what justifies that assessment.
15% Paragraphing
Each component of the overall assessment is broken into clear, logical paragraphs with clear transitions and topic sentences. The paragraphs follow a logical order, provide clear evidence and rational evaluative explanation, and build toward supporting the general assessment stated in the introduction.
10% Purpose
The student has clearly identified the intended purpose of the text/image/source being analyzed and taken that purpose into account in their assessment.
10% Content
The student has analyzed all components of the chosen text/image/source. Depending on the text/image/source being evaluated, this could include areas like clarity of writing, accuracy, visual appearance, sound, usefulness, interactive qualities, etc.
10% Audience
The student has identified the intended audience for the text/image/source and taken that into consideration in the course of their assessment.
10% Quality of Evaluation
The student has clearly (either within paragraphs addressing components regarding the text/image/source or in a separate paragraph) clearly established whether or not the source being evaluated has successfully achieved its intended goal.
10% Conclusion
The student has incorporated a clear conclusion that goes beyond simply summarizing the topic to include the potential implications of their analysis.
15% Punctuation/Grammar
The student has followed punctuation and grammar rules throughout the paper. The student has also paid attention to accuracy in spelling and the overall formatting of the paper.
10% Length
The student has met the minimum word count for the assignment.
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