In your own words, synthesize what you have learned while locating insects.

In this assignment, you will look for insects around your home. This can be in your home or it can be in your yard (if you have one), a common area of an apartment/condo complex. Please remember to practice safe social distancing.
You will construct a well-written article on the following content:
Take a picture of 3 different Orders (groups) of Insects (we discussed 12 major ones in the lecture): Classify these pictures to the common name. These pictures must be taken by you, you are not allowed to use pictures from the web. You may take pictures of arthropod relatives also (recall from week one what makes an arthropod, an arthropod!).
In your own words, synthesize what you have learned while locating insects. Characterize and describe your observations: What did you see? Were you surprised by the insect diversity? Where did you find the insects? (Links to an external site.)
This will be more of a graphical writing assignment with pictures and text. The Los Angeles Times article located above. can be used as an example. You are a journalist reporting what you saw on your expedition.
Introduce what you saw, what you learned, and display your pictures. Explain your insects to the audience. What do they do? Are they a pest? Beneficial? Your job is to help your reader better understand these insects you are viewing.
Article should be about a page long, maybe a bit longer. I am paying for 2 pages in order to include the 3 pictures the assignment requires.
I have attached the PP the professor provided of the group of insects the professor wants us to choose from.

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