discuss the impact of the international monetary system on the country

Please listen to the podcast titled “MONEY TALKS”. We are in an international finance class and the finance portion isn’t changing but what’s happening to trade around the world? What do you think about the views presented in this podcast? Can this situation be fixed? You’ll find this podcast in Course Documents /Videos and then go to podcast. It will be the first one.
Please discuss the impact of the international monetary system on the country of your choice. Does your country have a fixed or flexible exchange rate? How does the currency regime impact your countries globalization and trade process?
Please review the financial statements of either Starbucks. The company discusses in detail how the international market impacted their returns in their latest 10K. You should also do your own independent research on the Internet. There will be several stories about both companies. Tell me and the class what you found out.
Exchange rates. Why don’t exchange rates always adjust to correct current account deficits?
Corporate Governance. Please go to the Podcasts and listen to the Corporate Governance Podcast. It is the third discussion on the podcast however the first two are interesting. You can fast forward to minute 6.30 if you like. It is old but still hits the point. There are some interesting views discussed in this podcast. What is your view? Do we need Corporate Governance or is it a joke? Will the small shareholder ever have any power? What about “if you don’t like it sell it”
Please go to https://www.berkshirehathaway.com/letters/letters.html
Please read Warren Buffet’s most current letter to the owners of Berkshire Hathaway. It will provide you with some insights into what factors create value and what market and firm-specific forces destroy value. Discuss one important detail you learned from the letter
Please discuss how the supply chain of Starbucks or Boeing is exposed to Risk. You can get a lot of this information from the 10K and the websites of either one of these companies, you can also go online to investor relations and listen to their last investor call. You can get great information there. I expect you to use other sources also. You will not have any trouble finding them. You can discuss political risk, currency risk and climate change risk, or anything else you can get a lot of this information from the 10K at the websites of either one of these companies you can also go online to investor relations and listen to their last investor call you can think of. This is an international business class however you don’t have to be dealing with international suppliers. Just an FYI, Ford had to shut down the production of one of its most profitable pickup trucks because of a fire at one of its suppliers, they were in Michigan. Several employees were laid off. And now we have covid-19 which is also causing problems with supply chains. This should be an interesting discussion. By the way, if you have a company that you are really interested in you can discuss them instead of Starbucks or Boeing however, I would like to approve it you do it.

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