discuss something related to Federal INDIVIDUAL Income Tax

you must find a tax article**, summarize the article and post the name of the Article, its citation (APA Format which includes a URL) and your summary of the article. The summary will be at least 300 words, well organized, using any graphics or tables that will help classmates understand.
The articles should be related to one of the topics which we are covering in this class and should discuss something related to Federal INDIVIDUAL Income Tax, ethics for tax accountants, practice before the IRS or similar subjects. Try to find a tax topic on the content of the current week to engage with each other on the current content.
During the course, each student will find a total of two articles. One article must come from a professional publication, such as the Journal of Accountancy, TaxAdviser, TaxJournal, or the IRS articles – DO NOT USE Investopedia or Wikipedia. The second can be a news story or can also come from a professional publication. Do not duplicate articles from weeks prior to your week. It is unavoidable that duplication will occur in the same week but we can avoid duplication in subsequent weeks.
Article: https://www.thetaxadviser.com/news/2022/jan/limited-group-erroneous-letters-6419.html
or you may find a current tax article in the US.

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