Describe how genomic epidemiological may apply to nurse practitioner.

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE TO WRITE THE REFLECTIVE ESSAY : Tang, P. & Gardy, J. L. (2014). Stopping outbreaks with real-time genomic epidemiology. Genome Medicine 6:104. doi:10.1186/s13073-014-0104-4. Retrieved from:
Part I: Health Care Delivery (2 pages)
For the first part of the reflection analyze the content and results of this study in the context of genomic epidemiology, as it relates to the following:
Safety and quality of care for patients as a population
Improvement in healthcare delivery & outcomes
Cost savings
(Use aspects of the article & personal professional thoughts from experience and knowledge.)
Part II: Resolving another Health Care Issue (2 pages)
Now reflect on the integration of epidemiology and genomics in the resolving another health care problem that you know of. Use specific examples of epidemiological and genomic concepts and practices used. How did policies affect the strategies used to resolve the problem or were new polices created?
Part III: Future Practice Role (2pages)
Describe how genomic epidemiological may apply to nurse practitioner. Be specific related to the area of practice and how you believe genomic epidemiology will change health outcomes for individuals and populations. Explore one ethical principle you will need to consider.

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