Describe a fictional character from a book, film, or TV show

Hey I just need this for a discussion board that Im doing. I have the 2 questions below and only need you to pick ONE of them to write on. it needs to be over 450 words
Please choose ONE of the following topics to respond to:
1. In class, we discussed Roe v Wade. This is a chance to expand on that. First, please describe (in your own words) what Blackmun ended up ruling about abortion, and then carefully explain why he ruled this way. Then, analyze how successful his argument was, in terms of B-C’s four principles and theories of moral status. (You can find excerpts of Roe v Wade in the “Content” area of the course).
2. Describe a fictional character from a book, film, or TV show about which there might be some debate over whether he/her/it has full moral status. (Remember that questions of moral status nearly always involve beings other than “normal” human adults. Examples might be convicted murderers, nonhuman animals, robots, aliens, humans with severe cognitive impairments, very young children, etc.). Argue that this character does/does not have moral status using what you’ve learned so far in class, and say what this means for how they ought to be treated. Be sure to consider objections based on rival theories.

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