Customer Satisfaction

Please utilize and build on orders #361267265 and #361665597
Please see feedback for order #361267265 and update accordingly: “You provided a good Introduction for your Paper. Since your writing is based on research, it would have been ideal to include more scholarly sources to support your writing. Your Introduction should have ended with a transition into the Literature Review.”
Research topic paper is: Customer Satisfaction
The paper must be objectively written in the third person; papers that contain “I, we, our…” will not be evaluated
The paper must be based on existing research literature from peer-reviewed journal articles
*An introduction section (identifying the general topic to be addressed, accounting problem statement based on the general topic, brief background on topic, purpose of research, and research question(s)). Introduction section should approximate three (3) pages;
*A Literature Review (include Level 2 and Level 3 headings where appropriate)
*An Analysis of the research (provide findings of your research questions). The Analysis section should approximate three (3) pages
*A Conclusion (answer to your research questions, recommendations, and implications). The Conclusion section should approximate three (3) pages;
*References section

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