Create an annual marketing plan for The Westside Coffee Company using the marketing calendar template

The owners of The Westside Coffee Company have asked you to help them define their target audience a bit more clearly.
1. Create a 4- to 6-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you develop a consumer persona for each of the five segments using the Westside Coffee Company Customer Segments (attachment).
2. Create an annual marketing plan for The Westside Coffee Company using the marketing calendar template (attachment). Assign a budgeted amount to each marketing activity in the plan to calculate a total marketing budget. Reference Week 2 estimates to bring forward these costs as well (attachment).
3. Perform a breakeven analysis using the following assumptions.
Retail Coffee Shop Store:
Price of a cup of coffee: $6.00
Profit per cup: $4.00
Average daily customers: 750 customers
Grocery store:
Retail price for bagged product: $9.99 per bag
Profit per bag: $3.33
Monthly sales of bagged coffee: 250 bags
Calculate the total marketing budget range for both the coffeehouse and the bagged coffee separately. Adjust to ensure the marketing budget falls between 7% and 10% of profits.
Submit the PowerPoint presentation, marketing calendar, and budget analysis as 3 separate documents.
Additional Notes:
This assignment is the final to a five week project/assessment. I have attached the essays I have submitted the past three weeks by labeling them per week. Week 2 estimates are not there, because I did not do the assignment correctly. Matter of fact, I got an F.
Week 2 estimates were suppose to be about:
*Creating a $3,000 monthly advertising plan for The Westside Coffee Company. Use the media costs provided on the Local Media Costs tab in the spreadsheet provided and justify your recommendations with data.
*Allocate a budget to optimize a $500 per-week budget for Google Ad word marketing to get The Westside Coffee Company featured at the top of the search page in Google pay-per-click results. List the keywords you will bid on and the budget allocated to each. Provide a rationale for your selections.
*Estimate the 4-week reach/frequency and resulting gross rating points (GRPs) as part of your recommendation.
Therefore, please look at the spreadsheet and come up with these estimates to be able to annual marketing plan.

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