Write one paragraph (100-300 words) explaining how the Klan worked for the following groups of Americans

Instruction: This is an essay test – you will write two paragraphs (100-300 words each) and each paragraph will answer a different question. You can access the quiz as many times as you wish before the due date, but if you compose your answers outside of Blackboard, you will have them ready in case of mishap. Be prepared to synthesize conclusions from the whole book (mostly its second half), and provide page numbers from Parsons’ book for the evidence that supports your claims.
Prompt #1: Write one paragraph (100-300 words) explaining Elaine Frantz Parsons’ methodology for her chapter on Union County – not the names of software or algorithms, but which historical records she used and how she made the network analysis graphs that appear in chapters 6 and 7. What did she find?
Prompt #2: Write one paragraph (100-300 words) explaining how the Klan worked for the following groups of Americans: northern Republicans, southern Democrats, freed people.

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