write an analysis of Why I Hope to Die

First, you will read “Why I Hope to Die at 75” by Ezekiel J. Emanuel. You will also read the Rhetorical Appeals Reading. Next, summarize what Ezekiel J. Emanuel’s overall argument is in a few sentences. Then write an analysis of Why I Hope to Die at 75 assessing the author’s use of claims and evidence and how he crafts his message. You will point out at least 4 claims that Emanuel makes in the article and analyze whether the claims are strong or weak and explain your reasoning. You will also highlight instances of logos, ethos, and pathos used in the argument and how his use of these appeals shape a sound or unsound argument. You will define all three of the logical appeals and cite them in your essay as well. In this analysis, you will also point out any places where Emanuel creates a counterargument and analyze how he addresses them and whether it helps or hurts his overall argument. You will use quotation, summary, and paraphrases to aid you in your analysis and cite the article, the rhetorical appeals reading and any other sources that you will use, complete with a Works Cited page.

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