write about the advantages/disadvantages of going straight to college after high school

Try writing down some ideas for the following prompt. You can try brainstorming (making a list of words/phrases, maybe one list for ‘college’ and one list for ‘job’) or you can try freewriting, or writing your ideas in the form of a letter:
Your niece or nephew is finishing high school soon and is thinking about getting a job instead of going to college.  You would prefer to see them give college a try.  Write them a letter in which you compare and contrast the advantages or disadvantages of each course of action.  You may want to write about the advantages/disadvantages of going straight to college after high school, or about the advantages/disadvantages of getting a job right away.
For this pre-writing, you just need to turn in some ideas; don’t worry about spelling, grammar, punctuation yet; don’t even worry about whether these ideas are good or not. Just take some time to practice getting ideas for this potential topic.

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