write a summary of the information

Watch the video and write a summary of the information

Extra Directions:
There will be assignments that require the student to summarize information. In a summary, the
student will cover the main points of each article and/or video. When a student submits an
assignment that requires paragraphs such as writing a summation of the material, the student will
adhere to the following guidelines:
1) A summary will be a minimum of one fully developed paragraph (5-8 completely developed
sentences) highlighting important points. More paragraphs are expected if the content is lengthy.
Students are expected to read each article or watch each video in its entirety to gain complete
knowledge of the content.
2) Each paragraph should be written in an organized manner. Grammar and spelling should be
checked before turning work in. Student’s should use complete sentences. This is a college level
course; therefore, college level work should be a priority for each student.
3) Important: DO NOT turn in a journal with just your opinion of the topic. If you only give an
opinion and do not summarize the information you will not receive credit for the assignment.
Your thoughts are welcome but they do not take the place of summarizing the provided content.

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