why the stores have gone bankrupt

1- imp to use the assessment 1 as well as its feedback for assessment 2
2- I could choose an industry rather than a company
3- i sent assessment 1 which i did one virgin but if possible change it because there isn’t enough info on it
4- research problem/ Topic example why the stores havegone bankrupt
5- aim example to iveste what happened
6- reasherch question: why is there no more of this specific store
7- 3 objectives needed example obj -to explore what happens to the store
-to identify
-to assess
8- choose a company or an industry preferably from the UK
i need it by next week
9- the brief explanation will be in the module guide for assessmen2
10- ofcorsedo secondryreasearch
11- you choose if qualitative or quantitative
12- basically choose everything
300 words
Executive summary: -explaining what we did
-Aim, question, objectives,
-Research methods
-conclusion of what we recommend
800 words
Introduction: -can take all from section 1 of the assessment 1
research problem
Aim ,question ,objective
More words
1300 words
Chapter 2: – explain if going to use qualitative or quantitative
.why I need it ^
.Why I’m using 2ndry data
.The ethics in 2ndry data
.Explain how I’m going to access databases that I’m allowed to
.Challenges of conducting 2ndry data
.Validité and reliability of 2ndry data
.Explain data analysis (doc analysis)
2000 words
Chapter 3: – the findings and the discussion chapter
.findings from 2ndry data
.Applying theory from assignment 1
.Comparing what I have found from assessment 1
Chapter 4:
ill do chapter 4
700 words
Conclusion and recommendations: – summary for conclusion how I have answered my reasearch question and objectives
For recommendations what I would recommend for the company or organization
Appendix: – 2 weekly reflections illdo this
extra words
If no space in mains body put graphs in the appendix

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