Why I’m a suitable candidate

I would like the essay to capture my journey as concisely as possible all in under 900 Words. Need a structure that goes in following manner:
1. Intro – Hook – Defining Moment and Reason to Obtain Masters (1-2 Paragraphs)
2. Why this University – Columbia University – Management Science & Engineering (1-2 Paragraphs)
3. Why I’m a suitable candidate – University Education, Internships, Quantitative Ability (2 paragraphs)
4. Conclusion (1 Paragraph)
Key Points:
1. Born in India, Raised in Dubai, Academically Proficient Throughout School (10/10 CGPA in 10th, ~90% in 12th with ranked first in class for Physics and English)
2. Mechanical Engineering Undergrad, grades dipped due to extenuating circumstances, rediscovered my groove during Master’s program
3. Due to Covid, was unable to find the job I was looking for, took on a role in business development in a crane manufacturing firm which ultimately felt like a natural fit and helped me make the decision for my next step now that we’re all clear of the pandemic
4. In the meanwhile, continued to learn during free time through MOOCs (Bloomberg LP for Business Concepts, Excel Skills for Business, Blockchain Technology) Active learner etc
5. Now I wish to study Engineering Management to combine my technical background and work experience with a multidisciplinary program to really understand business concepts (marketing, accounting, finance, strategy, revenue management) and further strengthen technical competencies required to make real change in the field of my dreams – Technology, more specifically, consumer tech products and apps – in the capacity of a Tech Consultant/ Product Analyst/ Product Marketing
6. Extracurriculars to show exhibition of leadership, collaboration, strategic thinking, team work etc. – VP of Student society (uni), second Team for Tennis club (uni), Cricket team VC at school, debater (MUNs) at school
7. Additional Details are all in my CV
8. Have also attached a sample SOP that was successful in gaining acceptance for the same program
9. I’ve included a draft I wrote but it’s just completely messy and overly wordy hence chosen the writing from scratch option; Feel free to use this for reference but need all that material just rewritten and restructured completely to fall under 900 words

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