What prompted those thoughts, judgments, reactions, feelings in those situations?

Make sure to read the attached reading by Mead and understanf the “me” and “I” concept.
Noticing the action of one’s own mind in relation to changing social situations and stimuli helps to reveal the situational quality of everyday meaning making and the social production of reality. Choose one day and observe the internal conversation between the “I” and the “Me” that Mead theorizes. Describe what you observed and provide an in-depth analysis of two examples.
Take notes and then write up your analysis in an organized report (don’t submit your notes, just the write-up). Apply/illustate the concepts using your observational data. The focus is on applying concepts, but you should concisely describe/define concepts (this can sometimes be done with just a few words). Here are some questions to help guide you. You don’t have to systematically answer or use the organizational structure implied by this list of questions, but your report should address all of them to some extent (don’t use bullet points in your paper):
1 What internal/cognitive/emotional activity did you notice in yourself?
2 What prompted those thoughts, judgments, reactions, feelings in those situations?
3 How did your “I” react to the information of the “Me” and why did your “Me” present that info (for example, why did you think the other people would react to you that way)?
4 How did your internal conversation and awareness of self shift throughout the day (from situation to situation)?
*Please include all 4 points above
Take notes and use them to write your paper (but don’t turn in the notes). Your paper should not be written in the style of a journal or freewrite- it should be readable and organized, since it is an academic paper. You should use a personal tone of voice, since this paper is about your experiences. Don’t report everything you observed during the day; instead, focus on the most interesting patterns and examples.
This field study report must about two pages long (double-spaced with correct formatting). Anything longer than two pages will not be included in your grade. Anything shorter might not include enough content.
Refer to any sources/authors by name, but you do not need to include a “works cited” page. Please do not include outside sources.

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