What has created the vulnerability of Indigenous people to be involved in the criminal justice and correctional systems in Canada?

People sentenced to terms of imprisonment are not always there for the commission of serious crimes against the person. Prisons are also used as “catch-basins” for social problems, for chronic offenders who commit relatively minor offences, for those who the public deems most in need of punishment (for example, drug offenders), and for property offenders. In fact, those who commit serious violent offences are generally in the minority in a prison population.
What is perhaps most notable about who goes to prison is the disproportionality of certain socially and economically marginalized racial groups such as blacks and aboriginal people (who appear to commit more offences for which imprisonment is used), and, more generally, of the most disadvantaged groups in society.
Two factors are central to understanding the over-representation of Indigenous people in Canadian correctional institutions. The first is the over-reliance in Canada on the use of imprisonment; the second is that more of the aboriginal than the non-Indigenous population falls into the socio-economic group most vulnerable to involvement in the criminal justice system.
Assignment Question
What has created the vulnerability of Indigenous people to be involved in the criminal justice and correctional systems in Canada?
For this assignment, you will submit an essay between 800 -1000 words (2.5-3 pages) that identifies vulnerabilities that are responsible for facilitating Indigenous people coming into conflict with the Criminal Justice and Correctional systems in Canada.
While researching this topic, please think about and consider what barriers through the implementation of laws and policies have/may have impacted Indigenous peoples and perhaps placed them in a vulnerable position. Did Canada specifically use the Criminal Justice System to further their destruction of Indigenous culture?
Students will utilize APA (7th ed.) to guide their writing in this assignment and the requirements set out for the School of Justice Studies title page requirements. Please see the link below and contact your instructor if you have questions.
Lethbridge College. APA Student Guide (7th ed.) Lethbridge, AB: Author. Retrieved from https://lethbridgecollege.ca/document-centre/forms/apa-style-guide/apa-guide  (Links to an external site.)Recommended readings are provided to the student in the form of electronic resources in Canvas. Students should ensure that they have a valid student ID card with a barcode for remote access to Buchanan Library resources.
Please review the template for APA papers in the resources tab in modules. If you are unsure and have questions please contact me!
All submissions are required to be upload into the Canvas for this assignment, which utilizes Turnitin Plagiarism comparison software to ensure academic honesty.  It is important to use your voice in your written work. What is it your understand from your readings and what do you think about what you have learned? Limit the use of citations to under 30% ensure it is your voice and beliefs that are reflected in your work! Your efforts are about what you think and have learned, not about what someone else has said on the topic!

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