What are the rationalities to managers in the production process?

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Please see below the initial post summery argument for student her name Sandy it about the business organisation First before start you have to thank her and add some good words to her summary as you like her topic. then start to reply and answers her questions between 200 to 300. Provide support for posts using theory, applied examples and wider reading in line with the Harvard Referencing Guidance.
n view of the contemporary business world over the past 40 decades, there are many reasons that change the way managers operate in their organizations, and the rise of digital technologies is the major one.
Specifically in the architectural interior design field as I work, digital technologies indeed inspire and save managers lots of time in the thinking process through digital visualization, for instance, 3D renderings, photoshopped elevation drawings, etc. From time to time, the working relationship between managers and workers has changed, managers can no longer manage people in a hierarchical manner like the past. In the digital production process, workers acquire and perform technical knowledge in-dependently, being less reliant on managers’ guidance, while managers depend on workers with digital knowledge much more than before. Therefore, managers in managing knowledge workers would ‘based on informal peer information rather than hierarchical authority’ (Sandberg and Targama, 2007:4; Clegg,2019:12).
What are the purposes of digital visualization though? What are the rationalities to managers in the production process? Initially, digital visualization assists managers in spatial realization much comprehensively in order to prevent vital mistakes, while it also serves as an effective communicator in project management. However, in real situations, the purposes of digital visualization have been twisted and become poisonous as it fantasizes ‘the scene of Utopia’. It is now overused (Fasoli, 2021), especially for the purpose of sales and marketing. In consequence, managers and workers are affected to produce the outcome by their satisfaction in virtuality rather than the rational attributes of decision-making, i.e.unveiling design issues.
At this point, it is important that managers rationalize the purposes of digital visualization which should be constructive to society, understand that managing digital technologies is not just for individual satisfaction. With reference to Schwartz’s value (Schwartz,1992; Clegg, 2019:54), managers shall also realize the motivational power of trans-situational values and be able to empower workers for self-directed performance.
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