what about paris is so attractive?

– [ ] International background :
– expand : how do you have an international background, and how is it relevant? You’ll fit in because of the culture?
– [ ] Paris
– what about paris is so attractive? Why paris and AUP? Talk about the fact that you have been gone a long time and you want to reconnect with the city based on what you have learned since you’ve been gone?
– [ ] Learning in stimulating environment
Same as below… doens’t need to be its own standalone point
– [ ] Law degree from a prestigious school
There are more prestigious schools. What exactly about the program is super appealing to you? Can you pick and mix the courses? The smaller size of the classes? The profiles of the professors?
Also this is a little bi the same as learning in a stimulating environment
– [ ] Mixed student background
Isn’t that the same the same as international background? Integrate that there.
– [ ] Already knows French
So what? You’re learning in English. Be humble – what are you trying to do with your french?
Tell them about what you will bring to the table. Why are you an added value to the university community?

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