required to prepare three 2-3-page analyses

Article Analyses (30% of grade) You will be required to prepare three 2-3-page analyses of your assigned reading. Please note that this does not say “summary” or “reaction” but analysis. You will have to do some summary to get across the point the author is trying to make and probably some reaction to let us know what you thought of the piece. This should be kept to less than one page of your paper. The remainder of the paper should be devoted to analysis. This should focus on the “so what” questions, such as: • What is the author’s major contribution to your understanding of the problem or solution? • What do you think is the most profound element of this article that you think your colleagues missed out on by reading something else? • What are the strengths and weaknesses of each author’s work? Have they left something out?
Use APA for in-text citations

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