Explain the possible challenges you would face when planning events or that you might have as an Event Planner.

1.  This paper is to be five pages in content, excluding photos, and references.  No cover sheet is required.
2.  Number each page and place the number centered and at the bottom of the page.
3.  Double space all text, use .5 (1/2 inch) margins all around.
4.  Use 12 point font in either Times Roman or Courier.  As you double space, the paragraphs between headings will automatically be double spaced from the text above and below each.
5.  Begin the paper with this heading:
My Opinion:  Why This Event is Important (centered at the top of the page).
This heading page is not a cover/title page (not required) nor is it a separate page from your paper.  It is to be at the top of your paper, followed by the sub-headings.  All headings/sub-headings are in bold.  This is page 1 of the 5 pages. We know who you are by your submission, so no need to waste space on this paper with adding a title/cover page with your name, date, etc.
If you add photos or other media, add these at the end of your paper.  As said, this does not count toward your 5 pages.  You must have 5 pages of text.  The reference sheet is in ADDITION to the five pages of text and is a separate page at the end of your paper, before photos are added.  Use APA style when submitting references.
This is an opportunity for you to discuss your interest in Event Planning and introduce an event you would like to plan. Provide a short paragraph on the importance of event planning—in your own opinion–not a regurgitation of the information in the text, then use the Introduction and the remainder of the paper to explain your special event.
Please use the following list of sub-headings after the first heading.  Each subheading is indented five spaces from the left for your paper and as stated, appear in bold.
The text under the sub-heading starts with a new paragraph, which begins with indentation, but the remaining text is flush left with ragged edges on the right (default in Word).
Example formatting:
Event Planning, Why Event Planning is Important (this is an example heading)
Event planning is important because of the various celebrations and memorable moments in both individuals and groups alike, which deserve to be themed with regard to decor, food, and entertainment.  The stress often experienced by one or more persons associated with the event can be rather overwhelming; therefore, I believe designating someone for hire provides releases those included in the event the freedom to assist, if necessary, with planning the occasion without the responsibility of execution.  Event planners are professionals at providing every detail necessary including equipment, entertainment, meals, decor, venue, weather options, service personnel, lighting, security, and many other support services needed for an event to be successful.  Below is an event I would like to plan as an event planner.
Introduction (example)
I have a passion for animals, especially dogs!  I hope to offer an event planning business to shelters in and around my community to assist in getting animals adopted to their forever homes that have been visited and approved worthy of an adopted animal.  I will offer marketing services as well as a venue to shelters for donations, hoping to get a grant for this type of work.  I am an avid animal activist and involved with shelters in five counties surrounding the Tallahassee, Florida area.  The first event is planned for Memorial Day of 2022 and will be held at the Doggie Pool at the Tallahassee Public Pool, which will feature a wading pool for dogs, free dog baths, and grooming services for a reduced price.  Each adoptee will not only gain a canine friend, but the dog will receive neuter and spay services, special food, chipping, all vaccines, and recommendations for local veterinarians who offer reduced prices for services for adopted dogs.
Background (example)
The reason I have selected Shelters for Canine Companions is ….
Continue writing your paper as the example above
Introduction (example is above).
Present an event you would like to plan!  Be specific and explain your unique interests; where, when, how, and why you would like to plan a special event(s).
Explain your background as to an experience you had that spurred your interest in Event Planning or an event you would like to plan as a special service for self or others.
Theme and Details
Use this area of your paper to discuss the theme of a special event or possibly, your focus as an Event Planner.  For instance, if you were to offer services to the public, what would you call your company, what special services would you offer, where would you offer your services (locations), and why you believe your business or event would be special to others.
Explain the possible challenges you would face when planning events or that you might have as an Event Planner.  You have read several chapters in your book that explains the difficulties, considerations, and ramifications of being in the business, so please use this area of your paper to express your understanding of each.
In this final phase of your paper, explain the benefits of your event, what you hope to accomplish, why you would pursue such an endeavor, and how you think it will fare in the future based on your skills, knowledge, and abilities.

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