effects of special environments on bone health.

In this assignment you will be asked questions about the effects of special environments on bone health. Complete the assignment as directed and post your answer to the message board. Remember, do not upload files, I may not be able to open them so just leave everything on your post for me to read. Also, do not copy text from websites.
The effects of microgravity on bone health are well studied due to decades on research on astronauts. As NASA contemplates manned missions to Mars these effects weigh heavily on mission planners. What are the specific effects of near zero gravity on the bone health of astronauts? Explain how these effects can be minimized. What can one specifically do while in space to maintain good bone health? Good diet and nutrition is not enough in such an environment. Develop a program these astronauts can use to strengthen bones while they are in space.
Post answers here. You will be graded according to the following rubric.
Grading Rubric:
3 points – Described effects of microgravity on bones
3 points – Explained how effects are minimized
4 points – Provided ideas to minimize impacts including a training regimen specific to bone health

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