do you think the social policy can resolve all social problems?

I need help with these homeworks.
Homework 1.
For multiple-choice, simply state your answer in this way: 1. A, 2. C, 3. D, 4. B… For short essay questions, write 1-2 paragraphs in the “text submission.”
1. Some individuals within society may need human services because they
a. do not have a supportive family.
b. do not have supportive friends.
c. suffer from mental illness.
d. all of the above
2. Members of society who are displaced due to poverty, racial disparity, or some other characteristic that reduces their status in society and makes them vulnerable to exploitation and denial of opportunities are often referred to as
a. marginalized populations.
b. undereducated.
c. poor.
d. Altruists
3. The chief goal of the human service professional is to
a. provide counseling and other mental health services to anyone in need.
b. support individuals, as well as communities, function at their maximum potential in overcoming personal and social barriers as effectively as possible in the major domains of living.
c. provide psychological services to individuals so that they can gain insight into their emotional lives.
d. both A and C
4. A conceptual framework that is most commonly associated with human services practice is one that
a. focuses on the internal processes of the individual.
b. views clients in the context of their environment.
c. evaluates the relationship between individuals and their families.
d. evaluates the ways in which individuals manage the stressors of life.
5. A human services professional is a generic term for people who hold paraprofessional job in settings such as
a. group homes
b. halfway houses
c. family, child, and youth service agencies
d. all of the above
Homework 2
The history of social welfare policy gives us some ideas what ideologies and perspectives had driven the direction overtime.
1. How does this week’s reading and lecture help you understand how current welfare policy was formed.
2. Do you think these polices are effectively helping the vulnerable population in today’s society?  In other words, do you think the social policy can resolve all social problems?
have uploaded a PowerPoint lecture that you can use as a source.

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