discuss the mental health implications of this developmental stage

In preparation for your Developmental Analysis Paper due in Module 7, you will complete an annotated bibliography in Modules 3 and 4. This will help you begin researching the developmental stages you will choose to analyze in your paper. Your final paper will require you to research 8-10 scholarly articles that detail the developmental events and effects during these stages. This week you will begin researching 2 scholarly articles that discuss the mental health implications of this developmental stage and co-occurring events that you highlighted on your timeline.
Use the Moody Library to research these articles. For example, if you marked a significant death in your childhood, begin researching the mental health implications that this event could have upon your developmental stage. Complete an annotated bibliography of these 2 articles. Each article will be described in 200 hundred words, detailing the rationale for the study, the study that was conducted, and the implications of the research. Each article used should be listed in proper APA format (coversheet, in-text citation, and references) and the assignment must be submitted as a Microsoft Word (pdf) document.

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