Discuss the impact of race

Introduction –
Explain the impact of HeLa research on womens health and other medical advances.
Analysis –
Compare and contrast the Henrietta Lacks story to other medical/research experiment(s) of the past.
Explain the influence that these experiences have on modern medicine/research.
Summarize the social determinants of health and their meaning to health care.
Discuss the impact of race in relation to at least two of the social determinants of health on the treatment of Henrietta Lacks (in her lifetime) (10) and her family (after her death)
Use both the text (Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks) to cite specific examples and
Additional references in support of your statements in your presentation (minimum of 2 additional
Be sure to cite citations according to APA formatting
*doesn’t have to be 5 pages as long as it answers the question sufficiently*

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