Develop and explore some potential counterterrorism or mitigative options.

In this assignment, you will identify and select a historical or present-day terrorist group to describe and develop a group profile of. In 2–3 pages, address the following:
Identify and select a present-day or historical terrorist group. Identify the group’s underlying motivation, purpose, and objectives.
Develop the group’s profile by crafting a background and discussion on how your selected group was established, how it evolved, and how it ceased to exist, as applicable. If the group is still operating, outline how and why it continues to exist.
Develop and explore some potential counterterrorism or mitigative options. For a historical group, outline how the group was dealt with to the point that it no longer served as an influencing factor.
Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.
Read Syllabus and Terrorism and Homeland Security textbook:
Chapter 1: The Shifting Definition of Terrorism
Chapter 2: Practical Criminology, Radicalization and Types of Terrorism
Review the following resources from the M.U.S.E. lesson History of Terrorism:
1972 Munich Olympic Games
Terrorism Throughout History
Impacts of Terror
The Footprints of Fear and Terror
The Psychology Behind Terror

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