describe the gods in the Aeneid?

There are 2 Assignments listed below please read:
Assignment 1) This Assignment must be 170 words. Focus on one of the two major characters of the Aeneid: Aeneas or Dido. Briefly describe your chosen character. What are his or her core personality traits? Assign an adjective to the character that you feel best describes the character, and provide your rationale for this word choice. How would you describe the gods in the Aeneid? What is their role in the story?
Assignment 2) This Assignment must be 380 words. The article that I chose that we read in class was The Art of War by Sun Tzu. Skill-Building Activity: Article Summary/Evaluation
Part of writing an effective analytical research paper (like the one eventually due in week 7) involves using evidence not only from the literature (primary sources) but from the works of professional academic research (secondary sources). Therefore, you will need to be able to properly locate, analyze, and evaluate scholarly sources. This activity will help you build these research skills.
For this assignment, choose a scholarly critical article from one of the Library databases that makes a clear argument about any one of the stories you’ve read for class so far. The article you choose must provide more than basic biographical information and plot summary alone- it must make an opinionated argument about some aspect of the literary work you’ve read for class. Please summarize the article’s main ideas, then evaluate your article’s merits– is the author’s thesis interesting? Did you agree with its ideas? Did the author do an effective job proving their argument- why or why not?
Your complete summary/evaluation should fully address all requirements.
Clearly identify the author’s thesis and main points by first summarizing the article briefly.
You should then provide an evaluation of these main points and explain how this article’s argument is relevant or convincing to you (or not), and why.

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