Describe how the citations support the concepts

Many of you have started thinking of your future doctoral capstone topic in broad and general terms. For now, that is acceptable progress. It is important for you to become acquainted with the literature and to determine if this is a topic you want to spend time and energy pursuing. When you do commit to the broad topic, it will be necessary to narrow down the topic.
One technique to narrow down your topic is to use a mind map. A mind map promotes creativity by visually depicting “ideas, planning, brainstorming, summarizing, organizing and recording information” (Kotcherlakota, Zimmerman, & Berger, 2013, p. 253). Through a mind map, you can identify and structure additional concepts that branch off from your main topic. You can then conduct research in the library to “test” the concepts that you brainstorm.
In this Assignment, you practice mind mapping using your potential capstone project topic. You were introduced to mind mapping in Week 1, where you used a mind mapping worksheet (in your first Discussion) to introduce yourself to your colleague’s while also exploring your professional and doctoral identities. Now you’ll use the same mind mapping worksheet to identify concepts that are potentially tied or linked to your topic and that are aligned with the different theories of cognitive and moral development that you have reviewed this week.
To prepare:
Review this article from the Learning Resources: “Concept Mapping, Mind Mapping and Argument Mapping: What Are the Differences, and Do They Matter?” by Davies.
Review the Example of a Mind Map and Citations document.
Watch the video, Mind Map Excercise Walk-Through.
Use the Mind Mapping Worksheet interactive media resource listed in the Learning Resources to create your mind map.
By Day 7
Complete the two-part Assignment:
Part 1:
Develop a mind map based on the topic of your potential capstone project.
Type your potential doctoral capstone topic in the middle box of your mind map.
Develop a minimum of five nodes branching off from your broad topic—these are your concepts.
Selecting two nodes/concepts from your mind map, identify a theory of cognitive or moral development that might frame each concept.
Provide a citation of a peer-reviewed article that might support the two concepts you identified. Indicate which article goes with which concept.
Submit a Word document that consists of a screen shot of your mind map.
Include two citations formatted in APA style, referring to the Example of Mind Map and Citations document as a model.
Part 2
Record a 3- to 4-minute Kaltura video of you describing the document that includes your mind map and citations. In this video, address the following:
Describe your potential doctoral capstone topic. Note: This should be the middle box of your mind map.
Describe each node that branches off from the broad topic, and explain your choices.
Briefly explain how each theory you have identified might be aligned with the topic.
Describe one insight you gained about your topic from doing the mind map and searching in the library on the topic and related concepts.
Describe how the citations support the concepts in your mind map.
For your Word document, be sure to:
Include the cut-and-pasted screen shot of your mind map.
Adhere to APA guidelines for the peer-reviewed journal article citations.
For your Kaltura video, be sure to:
Describe the one insight you gained.
Speak clearly and slowly.
Work toward giving a professional, polished presentation.

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