demonstrate an understanding of nervous system disorders

Part A
Please share 1-3 paragraphs describing your assigned organ/tissue system from the list below. You are expected to demonstrate an understanding of the terms used to describe physical, electrical and chemical injury to cells, and to include the names of any cells or chemical byproducts involved in the process to which you are assigned (e.g., macrophages, neutrophils, chemokines, histamines). Feel free to include images. Do not copy directly from your textbook or any other resource. Please put your descriiption in your own words. Include an electronic link to any reference material that you used.
Assignment: Granulomatous Reactions, Resolution & Repair
It is also important toPlease provide an example of a neurological condition and explain its underlying pathology. Use the following articles for the foundation of your post, but you are expected to include a reference to the McCance text as well as to Frati et al. (2017)
Download Frati et al. (2017)
OR Zoerle et al. (2017)
Download Zoerle et al. (2017)

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