Create a professional and clean slideshow that is worthy of presentation to a CEO.

Create a professional and clean slideshow that is worthy of presentation to a CEO.
Prepare a slideshow with a MINIMUM of 6 slides using Microsoft PowerPoint
1. Open a Blank presentation
Save the presentation as
Add a Title to the first slide: the name of your college Give it a larger font. Make it
look important. Include the following subtitles: Include the following subtitles:
• Your full name. Make the text smaller than the title. Make it centered.
• Your Student ID number. Make it italicized.
2. Add a New Slide which has a Title and Content.
Add a title to the second slide (E.g. – “My Future Goals”) In the Content section
of the second slide, discuss the contents that you will cover in the presentation.
3. Right click on the second slide from the left panel, then choose Duplicate Slide
Highlight the text in the Content area of the third slide. Under the Home tab, click
Convert to SmartArt, then choose VERTICAL BLOCK LIST
4. Add a New Slide & Choose the layout of the new slide to Blank
Insert an Online Picture from your device/Online pictures — choose any image of
your choice. Insert a text box, with a couple sentences describing the picture.
5. Add a New Blank Slide & insert a chart (aka graph) that illustrates your ratings
of different facilities available in the college.
For example, you can rate the D2L, Staff Support, Library, quality of education,
Course Material for the college, on a scale of 1-10, where 1 is Not Satisfied and 10
is extremely satisfied. Insert a shape, with a couple sentences describing the
6. Extra Effort (For Bonus Marks)
• Check for spelling or grammar mistakes.
• Use slide transitions & animations, with good timing.
• Insert Background Pictures
• Insert a hyperlink or table or multimedia. Text and images work together Be
impressive and creative!

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