Correct grammer and proof read

Correct grammer and proof read please.
As a fire investigator and an assistant fire marshal, I
would study these cases in reference to the fourth, fifth and through the
fourthteenth amendments when entering a property or conducting a fire
investigation. Investigators must know after a certain time period they must a
get an administrative warrant from the magistrate office to gain entry onto a
property. Probable cause must be presented to the clerk so the investigator can
obtain a warrant. The criminal warrant will be obtained by the police
department in reference to arson in our jurisdiction to gain entry to the
property. My approach to speaking with citizens would be to a minimum. I would
expect their rights to obtain an attorney. Entering buildings permission must
be granted from the owner and the tenant to search the property. These laws
protect the residence when referencing the above cases. As a fire investigator
or a fire inspector you must abide by the law. In reference to NFPA 921 you can
make an undetermined cause and change it later after the investigation when
evidence presents itself. But if you make a determination of any other cause
such as accidental or electrical you would be questioned and not respected if
you change it back to undetermined. Plus this determination would possibly be
thrown out of court. That’s why knowing the law is the key to keeping you out
of trouble.  Finally documentation is the
key to being successful in court especially with fire code issues. An example
would be if the inspector wrote up a violation and selected the wrong code
section for the violation, people will see the inspector does not know his or
her job expectations.

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