Complete three separate JTBD analyses

In your first week in your new job as Product Manager with HighSpeed Games, your bosses (Anna and Rachel) call you into their office to talk.
Anna: “We’re so happy to have you on the team. You’re filling a really critical role for our company. We’ve had great sales numbers with our first product [GameSync], but we’re already thinking a few years into the future and we know we’ll need to launch more products to continue to grow.”
Rachel: “As you know, so far we’ve only sold to schools and daycares. We have parents asking us all the time if they can buy GameSync directly. We’d love to tell them yes, but unfortunately we can’t because of the way it’s designed. GameSync synchronizes (hence the name!) with schools’ and daycares’ curriculum to enhance and support what they’re already teaching. Kids love it, and have a lot of fun with it even though it’s educational!”
Anna: “Right. So, we know we need to launch a product that parents can buy directly. But, it will have to be an entirely new product, different and separate from GameSync. That’s as far as we’ve gotten so far. We want you to take time and analyze the jobs to be done that parents might have when thinking about buying toys for their kids. Based on what we know of some of the parents of kids who are using GameSync in schools, we suspect that they fall into at least three types. These are (1) parents of high-achieving children; (2) parents of children with special educational needs; and (3) parents who are just looking for a different or better way of entertaining their kids that doesn’t involve plopping them in front of a TV or a cell phone for hours at a time.”
Rachel: “We want to know more about these parents. We know them at a high level, but we need you to study them more. I’ve sent you an email with a document that I’d like for you to fill out to research each of these customer types for us. We need this back from you in one week!”
After your meeting with Anna and Rachel, you open your email inbox and find the document that Rachel mentioned.
The co-founders (your bosses) of HighSpeed Games tell you they have already have a hypothesis of who they think will be the customers of their next product:
Parents of high-achieving children
Parents of children with special educational needs
Parents looking for a better way to entertain their kids
To do:
Complete three separate JTBD analyses — one for each of the customer types referenced by Anna and Rachel (see above)
You don’t have room to write a lot of text in the canvases; however, you should be as detailed and specific as possible when developing the JTBD canvases
Ideally, you should base your responses on talking with actual parents who fit these types — this is why I’m giving you studio time to work on it on Weds.
However, if you can’t find any of these people to speak with directly, an alternative option is to explore these questions online. Following are a few places where you can start, both by reading existing parents’ comments about what their needs and challenges are, and you can also pose your own questions to them (mentioning you are a student working on a class project is a great way to get people to say yes to help you 🙂
Worth 25 points
Due by 11:30am on Mon. 1/31
To submit
Three separate, complete JTBD analyses (one for each customer type described above). Follow this link to access an editable version of the JTBD template that we reviewed in class Download Follow this link to access an editable version of the JTBD template that we reviewed in class
An attachment document describing your sources/references for how you arrived at your conclusions. Did you interview your parents? Did you read online forums? Did you read online product reviews? Did you post your own questions in online forums? Whatever you did, document what you did

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