can you describe how children are different compared to adults?

(One page)
1. The strategy of responding to COVID-19 in daycare centers/kindergartens that can be seen in overseas cases.
(You can use a variety of sauces outside) If you find interesting pictures that can describe situation well, please put them in. 🙂
If there is, what kind of things will be needed to respond to COVID-19 in daycare centers/kindergartens?
(half of one page)
2. Cases of infection at daycare centers/kindergartens
(If possible, it’s good to compare cases of infection between COVID-19 and Omicron.) For example, who came first in the index case?
Whether the babies often get caught first, the teacher often gets caught, there were symptoms, but the test was late, etc. Comparison of Omicron spreading faster.
(half of one page)
3. can you describe how children are different compared to adults?
If children get Omicron, how is it different compared to adults with COVID-19?

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