write the manual and setting up a meeting to discuss it.

The attached email memo is poorly written that reads like it was written in a stream-of-consciousness style. It is difficult for the audience to read, and murky in its purpose. Is it meant to persuade the reader to write the manual? It fails to address the context: The author asks for a lot of favors, and knows that the reader is very busy and would need to work this into an already overloaded schedule. Given that context, the author has done a poor job with rhetorical strategy.
Rewrite this memo as an efficient, concise email with the clear central purpose of persuading the reader to write the manual and setting up a meeting to discuss it.
**(After the revision, include an analysis of audience, purpose, context, and logical and rhetorical strategy in which you explain the choices made in reworking the memo document. Use specific supporting details in explaining the choices. I will submit a new order for this with the same writer to complete upon receiving the revised memo/email.)

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