What solutions to these frustrations—if any—were offered to each of these groups by Joe Biden and Donald Trump?

2. Write an essay in response to the following questions. The strongest responses will thoughtfully incorporate concepts, arguments, and evidence from readings as specifically as possible. You should directly reference authors by name. Aim for 600 words on the essay; we will accept responses between 400 and 1,000 words in length. * Please try to use your own words as much as possible to make your argument and refrain from quoting everything stated. Use as many of the sources attached as you want to help you answer the questions (does not have to be all of them just whichever you think will help your argument the best)
2a.) In class we’ve discussed two groups—Black Americans and whites without a college degree—who have good reason to be frustrated and resentful about how they have fared under policies pursued by both Democrats and Republicans over the past few decades. (To be clear: this is not to draw a false equivalence between these groups’ circumstances.) (1) Describe why this is the case. (2) What is similar and different about these group’s reactions to these circumstances? (3) What solutions to these frustrations—if any—were offered to each of these groups by Joe Biden and Donald Trump? (3) How likely are these solutions to be successful? (4) How are these groups key to the two parties’ coalitions? (5) What political opportunities and challenges do these groups offer to the two parties as they strive to win?
Sources I provided (you do not have to use all only the ones you think work best for your argument):
-CNN. “National Exit Polls.”
-Igielnik, Keeter and Hartig, “Behind Biden’s Victory.”
-Pew Research Center, “In Changing U.S. Electorate, Race and Education Remain Stark Dividing Lines.”
-Ponnuru and Yuval Levin, “The Next Coalition of the Right.”
-Johnson, When the Stars Begin to Fall.
-Armstrong. “Black Voters Want Better Policing, Not Posturing by Progressives.”
-Sawhill, The Forgotten Americans
-Arnade,“The View from the Back Row.”
-Cramer, The Politics of Resentment

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