what attributes or behaviors differentiate “good” negotiators from “poor” negotiators?

Write a paper that describes and analyzes your approach to negotiation and conflict as it exists prior to our first class. The analysis in this paper will give you a baseline for measuring your altered beliefs and improved performance at the end of the term. In your paper, address all the following questions, in the following order:
1. In your opinion, what attributes or behaviors differentiate “good” negotiators from “poor” negotiators? (2 points)
2. In your own words, describe your approach to negotiating: about what do you typically think and what do you usually do when faced with a negotiation or with a conflict that could benefit from negotiating? Only describe your approach here; do not criticize it or praise it here; just tell me what you do. (3 points)
3. In your own words, critique your approach to negotiating: what’s right and what’s wrong with your approach and why? That is, in what ways does your approach help you achieve important goals, protect you from rotten outcomes, or alternatively, lead you to rotten outcomes or result in missed opportunities? (3 points)
4. What aspects of your approach are you hoping to improve through this course? (2 points)
Most good submissions for this assignment are 3-5 pages long.
For each written assignment, use the following format:
Use headings to separate answers to assignment questions.
Use one-inch margins, 12-point font, and double-spacing.
Concise and logical paragraphs are required. Proofread your work for writing errors.
Submit your paper through the assignment page on Canvas as an MS Word doc(x) or pdf file.
English-language versions of your sources must be available so that I am able to review them.
Write clearly, proofread to minimize writing errors, and apply class concepts when appropriate.

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