the role of mass media in your daily life

Your assignment is to try and avoid ALL direct and indirect contact with Mass Media MESSAGES (NOT necessarily the channels themselves) sent/received via the 7 major mass media channels for one 24-hour period (please do this on a “normal” day for you – the point is to be aware of mass media messages in your everyday life, not a “special” day):
• Print
• Recordings
• Cinema/Film
• Radio
• Television
• Internet/Video Games
• Mobile
Then report on these 4 areas:
• (A) The mass media messages you could not avoid and why – NOTE: “could not avoid” does NOT mean something you chose not to avoid. For instance, having to interact with mass media messages because of school or work is something you can NOT avoid during a normal day for you, but “having” to listen to music when you workout or drive to school is NOT. That is something you CAN avoid as it is your personal choice. Part of this assignment is asking you to assess your own personal dependence on mass media by choice.
• (B) The mass media messages you successfully avoided by personal choice but missed having in your life
• (C) Substitute activities you used to fill non-mass media message time
• (D) Personal conclusions about the role of mass media in your daily life
• Please divide your project into the 4 separate sections as outlined above; you may treat each section separately and there is no need to combine all four into one unified response.
• This only applies to mass media MESSAGES – you may still engage in personal communication via technology also used for MASS MEDIA (phone calls, texting, emails, etc.) – just be aware when interpersonal communication slips into mass communication and
you’re receiving “mass media” messages.
• “Mass Media” channels always use technology of some kind to deliver the SAME message to a great number of people at widely separated points who typically don’t know each other.
• This does NOT mean you can’t make media – you may certainly fill your time writing, making music/video,

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