the role of genetics and biology in the role of criminal behavior.

The discussion board topic is covered in last week’s assigned reading. You will be asked to apply the reading to criminal behavior. Your initial post and subsequent replies must be based on what you read in Chapter Three and on your critical analysis. Your initial post must be 200 words or longer in length. It must be grammatically correct and you must use proper APA referencing in your post (one reference will suffice). Your original post must be posted in the assigned week by Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. EST. You must submit at least two follow-up replies in the same week by Saturday at 11:59 p.m. EST. Your follow-up replies must be 100 words in length (each) and must be grammatically correct. You do not have to reference the text in your replies. However, your answer must involve critical analysis of the subject being discussed. You must be respectful of others comments. Each DB post must be at least eight hours apart and do not reply late on the due date.
To get the best grade post your original post early. Posts that are done late on Saturday will be graded down.
Watch the following video entitled
Neuroscience and the Psychopath Inside with James Fallon (Links to an external site.)
Chapter Three in your text discusses biological factors in criminal behavior. Compare and contrast with what you saw in the video with Chapter Three (role of genetics and biological components of development). After reading the book and watching the video do you believe that genetics and biological factors may be in part responsible for criminal behavior. Explain which crimes you feel they may be a factor and if a genetic or biological explanation could be used as a defense in a trial. Also note whether or not you knew the role of genetics and biology in the role of criminal behavior.
I’ve enclosed the book for this semester

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