submit the topic on Canvas

Use the linked guide and all of the resources presented in class and in modules to write a minimum of seven annotated bibliography entries, five of which must qualify as scholarly. Each should begin a new page. All font should be Times New Roman 12 pt. If you follow APA guidelines, download my posted template and/or ask me questions, that will take a lot of guess work out of this assignment.
My video on Annotated bibliographies is posted on the research component module. Please watch it.
Keep in mind, annotated bibliography instructions can vary from class to class, so if you are unclear at all, ask BEFORE your due date.
Use APA formatted citations at the top of each page, then sum each article up in YOUR OWN WORDS- NO QUOTES.
Do not forget to add an entire, complete, alphabetized references section at the end of your annotated bibliography. This is a large portion of the grade on this assignment.
This assignment will greatly aid you in the research process by forcing you to go out and search for GOOD sources, and to actually read and summarize them, to include an assessment and reflection of how they fit into your paper. As you can see from the template, you will also be required to use subheadings that will organize the bibliography and help you explain how these sources will fit your research.
The purpose of an annotated bibliography is for you to summarize someone else’s work. The purpose of your ABSTRACT, in contrast, (which is due with your paper) is to summarize your OWN work.
Upload only the ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY here. (Links to an external site.)
**NOTE THE FORMATTING, DOUBLE OR SINGLE-SPACED verbiage (your choice) with the DOUBLE SPACED APA citation on top of each separate page, a references page, the headers, etc.**
As this is a Capstone class, you will be required to learn (or re-learn) an important professional skill: Scholarly research synthesis. You will first formally choose a topic, and then submit the topic on Canvas for feedback. You may change your topic with approval, up until the due date for the Annotated Bibliography. Your APA style annotated bibliography will assist in the writing of your capstone paper. I will discuss this in class and announcements, so please pay careful attention to my instructions, and use the template and the rubric I have provided. Follow the rubrics and examples! Do not try to “wing it” for a poor grade. The body of the paper (not including title page, abstract and references) must be 5-7 pages. This does not mean four pages and one or two sentences on the fifth page. This is 5-7 full pages. I will deduct a letter grade if you do not meet this requirement.
You are responsible for reviewing the Rubric carefully, which is posted in the Research Component Module. Do not be tempted to turn a paper in with a long list of “references” but with zero effort given to proper in-text citations. I reward plagiarism, even if “unintentional,” with an F. Scholarly research and writing enhances your professional learning in ways that you
will only fully understand and benefit from if you put in the effort and do not procrastinate.
Important: You may not use direct quotes (unless I approve them) for your term paper in this course. You are practicing research “synthesis,” which is an important skill—yes, even for professional aviators. Cutting and pasting someone else’s words into long blocks of filler text is for high school level papers, not for senior capstone undergraduate or graduate level writing.
Any large commercial aircraft or aircraft system, sub-system or feature of interest to you. This can be fixed wing or helicopter, military or civil. Choose wisely, as you will be “stuck” with this topic through all three research assignments this semester. Any good research topic will be one for which you can find many sources. If you cannot find enough scholarly sources for your topic (after consulting with the professional librarians and myself), you should change topics. This means you must figure out if sources will be a problem BEFORE the annotated bibliography is due. You may submit an optional first draft paper to me by the due date listed on your schedule, in the Canvas module built for this purpose. This is a one-time event, so come to me with a very complete draft if you want meaningful feedback. I will review your paper draft once, give you detailed feedback, and then it’s up to you to integrate it for your final paper. I cannot do two or more draft reviews for every student. I’d be writing your paper for you at that point. You will only submit your final paper via Canvas “PAPER” Assignment.
All papers written for this class, and for every other capstone research class will be subject to “TurnItIn”. This program checks for plagiarism and copying from other sources. It flags plagiarism for any combination of over three words from a previously turned in paper or source, so keep that in mind while you are writing. TurnItIn scores revealing any evidence of direct plagiarism (please ask me if you have questions) will result in an automatic failure of the assignment with a score of zero, and the strong potential of failure of the
entire course for academic integrity violation. Depending upon the severity of the cheating, I have in the past recommended that students who cheated not be allowed to retake this course. This may have a long-term negative impact upon your career as an AS student and beyond, so DO NOT attempt to plagiarize or cheat. Bottom line: You MAY NOT use your own work, nor anyone else’s from a previous class. This must be original work.

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