Research a DSM 5 disorder that falls under the category of Bipolar and Related Disorders.

Research a DSM 5 disorder that falls under the category of Bipolar and Related Disorders. A list is provided below for your choice of an appropriate topic. Remember that all disorders under this category will include the presence of mania or hypomania. Make sure you understand the difference between mania and hypomania prior to beginning this assignment.
You will need to research enough information to become an expert on the disorder you choose. You should be able to explain topics related to the clinical assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the disorder.
You will need to find a minimum of three resources that provide information pertaining to the disorder you choose. Your research should include a detailed descriiption of the symptoms, age of onset, etiology (cause), prevalence and any other social considerations. Be sure to include assessment methods and evidence-based treatment options available to treat the disorder you choose. Make note of any co-occurring disorders associated with the disorder as well.
You may come across some terms with which you are unfamiliar. Look up definitions as you come across these terms.
After completing your initial research, locate a case example of an individual who lives with the disorder on a daily basis. Take note of any commonly held struggles or obstacles the individual experiences in daily life due to the disorder. Be sure to describe this case example in your own words, giving credit to the author. After summarizing the case example, discuss any specifics that would be important to assess in an interview with this individual. Then, describe which treatment protocol (based on your research) that you would recommend for the individual. Be sure to include rationale as to why you chose the specific protocol you chose.
Your paper should include an APA formatted Reference page for any collateral information used in your explanation.
Bipolar I Disorder
-Manic Episode
-Hypomanic Episode
Major Depressive Episode
-Bipolar II Disorder
-Hypomanic Episode
-Major Depressive Episode
Cyclothymic Disorder
Substance/Medication-Induced Bipolar and Related Disorder
Bipolar and Related Disorder Due to Another Medical Condition

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