list the 5 routes of administration

Part 1
Research and list the 5 routes of administration (how do drugs enter the body?), and give an example of at least one drug for each route. Be sure to properly reference your information.
Part 2
Numerous celebrities have died under drug-related circumstances. Research well known individuals who have died as a result of alcohol, drug, and/or tobacco abuse/addiction (such as John Belushi, Marilyn Monroe, River Phoenix, Heath Ledger, Anna Nicole Smith, etc.). The individuals you will research will be Actor Michael K.Williams and Jazz singer Billie Holiday.
Identify the two (2) individuals and the source of your information (APA format).
Write at least a one page post about what you have found and your thoughts/reaction to the information
Discuss similarities with individuals you may have known. These could be family, friends, neighbors, etc.

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